Our Values

PASSIONBaking is our passion and our kitchen is our happy place. We love to experiment with new ingredients, textures and flavours to craft treats that will surprise and delight our customers. It’s what drives us, everyday.

EMPOWERMENTFood is a massive part of Pacific Island culture. It’s coming together, sharing a meal, showing love. We believe that treating yourself shouldn’t come at the cost of your health, have you drowning in guilt, or feeling like you have to go without. We want to empower our community to celebrate those moments of IKUNA, with a more health conscious choice.

RESPECTWe have the greatest respect for our industry, our team and our partners, but most importantly, our customers and followers. We believe in always doing the right thing, which includes following the rules that govern this country and making sure we are compliant in all areas of our business.

BALANCEWe are strong believers in work-life balance and taking time to rest and enjoy life, everyday. In our too-busy lives, that’s often easier said than done. Our hope is that you can find time to relax and reset, before you get back to conquering your day-to-day. Even if it’s just taking time to enjoy the little things, like a cup of tea and a slice of cheesecake.