Our Founders

Pauline and Fata Fotu-Moala are passionate about fueling their bodies with wholesome, nutritious food. They also love sitting down with a cup of tea and enjoying a sweet treat. Sick of feeling guilty about indulging their sweet tooth, juggling their own dietary requirements, and seeing food-related illnesses ravage their community, Pauline and Fata founded IKUNA Taste.

Their mission? To create health-conscious treats, that don't compromise on flavour.

After exploring their Tongan roots, Pauline and Fata found themselves craving the simplicity of island life, wanting to slow down and enjoy the little things, like the simple and delicious taste of natural, organic produce. They were inspired by their ancestors’ determination to overcome challenges, their entrepreneurial spirit, and the respect they had for the land and for doing the right thing. All of these values are at the heart of IKUNA Taste.