We make a selection of Keto & Plantbase cheesecakes, treats, and desserts. 

KETO - Our popular Keto range stands on the three core pillars of the Keto diet - Low Carb, High Fat and No Sugar. Our Keto treats are a love letter to our Pacific heritage, bursting with the simple, bold flavours of the Islands, crafted with care, in small batches.

PLANTBASE - Our unique Plantbase range is 100% free from gluten, refined sugars and animal products. We pride ourselves on developing and producing wholesome and delicious plant-based treats, low in carbs and packed with raw ingredients.


Introducing our Keto Brownie Mix, Keto Cookie Mix and Keto Muffin Mix!

These simple-to-bake low carb mixes make it super easy for you to create your own delicious keto treats at home.

Just add a few wet ingredients and you're on your way to a rich chocolate brownie, buttery shortbread cookies, or pillowy soft vanilla muffins.

Make them your own: All of our mixes are formulated so you can add in your favourite flavours. Chocoholic? Add keto chocolate chips. Fan of fruit? Throw in some berries. Nuts for nuts? You know what to do!

They’re the perfect pantry staples to have on hand for rainy Sundays, late-night cravings (we know those well!), or need-something-for-the-shared-lunch days.

  • Low Carb
  • No Added Sugar
  • Made in NZ