Hello and Malo e lelei, 

My name is Pauline Fotu-Moala (nee Mafi) and the handsome man standing beside me is my husband, Fata Fotu-Moala. Together, we are the Co-Founders/Owners of Ikuna Taste. I make the products and Fata simply works full-time to keep us afloat. It's humble beginnings.  

About 8 years ago, we made the decision to change the way we ate. The decision was not made lightly however, we had big goals and to achieve those goals, we needed change.

I switched out takeaways for wholefoods (fruit&veges), milk and dairy for almond milk, sugar for dates and unrefined sweeteners also flour for almond and coconut flour.         

Slowly but surely, we were ticking off our goals list. We believe in order to IKUNA, we must feed ourselves with the right foods, thoughts and challenges.    

IKUNA TASTE was born in Dec 2019 after frustration of not being able to access healthy food options in South Auckland.

IKUNA TASTE provides PLANTBASE, PALEO and KETO desserts, cakes and treats. Our aim is to provide healthier food options for our community. 

The word IKUNA reminds us of the sacrifices made, the endurance along the journey and the sweet taste of conquering. It is fitting to name our business IKUNA TASTE, after all she is our new born baby. I assume most parents would agree, you hope and pray your baby will flourish into maturity.                               

As for Fata and I, we believe in the purpose of IKUNA TASTE. That purpose is to serve our community with a product that is beneficial but overall helps us IKUNA.